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SLOW PACE, RELAXED MOOD. Not much has changed since Jeri was just a sleepy little fishing village, visited only by the most adventurous travelers. Upon arriving in Jeri you will only walk on sand and drive through the dunes by buggies. It's as if the absence of concret changes the pace of life and the mood of the people. Everything is a bit slower and more relaxed.

MINI MANHATTAN. Being on the edge of the earth doesn't mean being deprived of comfort and luxury. It's a little like a mini Manhattan. Almost anything you hanker for, you can have; from massages to delicious dinners, to laid back bars and lively dance clubs, there's something for everyone.

Sunset Dune
One of the most popular daily rituals in Jeri is to watch the sun make its ascent and descent from the top of "Sunset Dune" - which stands west of the village.

Night Sky
One of the most impressive sights Jeri has to offer is her night sky, completely unpolluted by city lights, it shines brightly - perfect for astronomy enthusiasts or simple star gazers. You may never have seen a sky so filled with stars, perfectly framed by the gently swaying palms.

Igreja - Church
It is worth making a visit to the stone Church, built by the locals, since the tower offers a splendid view of the Bay.

Everyday after sunset you can watch the capoeristas practicing their art at the base of the dune. Capoeira is a fight that was disguised as a dance,
during the slave trade in Brasil,  by the slaves brought from Africa. It was a forbidden practice by their owners, but the slaves kept on doing it, moved by the desire of freedom and valorization of the rituals they left back in Africa.

New Years Eve
Jeri changes over New Years Eve, people come from all over to transform this quiet beach in one of the biggest beach parties in the world. As the count down begins "sunset dune" becomes full of people, partying and celebrating, as the annual fire works are displayed over their heads. After midnight, the festivities really begin when Main Street is filled with revelers and clubs and restaurants host amazing parties all night long.

Is a quieter version of New Years Even. It is perfect for people who want to forgo the more upbeat and crowded festivities of Olinda, Salvador and Rio, but still want to party. It's definitely a good time to be in Jeri.


Pedra Furada - Rock Arch
The Arched Rock has become the symbol of Jericoacoara. Walking east from town along the shore line you'll first pass Malhada Beach, which is a small beach, popular among surfers and windsurfers. Continuing for 2km next to the water (if the tide allows), or taking the higher path up along the Serrote hill, you will pass rocky cliffs and a ruggedly beautiful shoreline. The walk takes about 2 hours in total, one hour to go, one hour to get back. If the rock formation doesn't thrill, you most, certainly the beautiful views from all directions will make you feel as if you've reached the edge of the earth. If you happen to be in Jeri between June 15th and July 30th, you will have the good fortune to witness the sunset right in the middle of the Arch; it's an excellent photo opportunity.

Light House
The lighthouse is located on the top of the Serrote Hill (about 100m high). Horses riding tours often stop there since it offers a 360 degree view of Jeri and the surrounding area. It is also a nice place to wacth the sunset and rise.


To the west of "sunset dune" is a seemingly endless stretch of beach, where people enjoy strolling along, jogging or horse riding.

Mangue Seco is about 5 kms from Jeri along the beach. It’s a small fishing village which hosts a small fresh water lake. As it gets closer, you will see the surreal looking forest of long dead mangrove trees, thus the name "dried mangrove".

Continue west along the beach and you will reach Guriu, another small community of fishermen, which is situated next to the mouth of a small river. This marks the western limit of the Environmental Protection Area. It is at this point where you can hire one of several rafts that takes passenger vehicles accross the river. You can also hire a fisherman to take you through the mangroves to get a glimpse at the sea horses who live there in abundance. We advice you not to take out the sea horse from the water, since they can die.

Tatajuba is a village approximately 25 kms from Jericoacoara, reachable by buggy or 4x4 traction vehicle, which lays accross the river and through the dunes. Some of these dunes might pass through a cristallization process, sometimes revealing small sand sculptures. Tatajuba also hosts a magical fresh water lagoon, where you can take a jangada ride; eat fresh fish while lazing in a hammock which dips comfortably in to the water.


Lagoa Azul & Lagoa Paraiso
Take a thrilling (40 min - 1 hour) buggy ride through the dunes and you'll be rewarded with a fresh water lagoon. Lagoa Azul and Paraiso actually lie next to one another and share the same white sand and tranquil bright blue waters. You will find a couple of  beach side restaurants which offer delicious food and a place to relax under a shady palapa. These lagoons might be with its volume of water reduced due to the evetually dry weather in the area