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Jeri is a place removed from the hurried modern world of screeching sirens, maniac deadlines, traffic jams and endless lineups. A place where streets are paved with sand, where beaches stretch as far as the eye can see and where warm water marries with palm swaying breezes. Until about 20 years ago, Jericoacoara was still a secluded and simple fishing village. There were no roads, no electricity, no phones, no TV's, no newspapers, and money was rarely used. Most commerce was made by the trading of goods such as fish for rice, and so forth.


Another reason that ables Jeri to maintain its unhurried and peaceful way of life is the exceptional journey one takes to get here. Because of Jeri's remote location, the last hour of the journey has to be done by vehicles with 4x4 traction along rugged dirt roads and then along the final sandy stretch of beach. It's a thrilling ride that adds beauty to the experience. It is still possible to watch the fishermen head out to sea in their traditional Jangada boats, just like they have done for so many years before and hopefully henceforth. 

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