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The geography of Brazil means are very few places to watch the sunset over the sea, however, Jericoacoara is one of the special places where this can be witnessed, every day. There are many places to watch the sunset in Jeri, the most obvious one being on the main beach, but here we have listed the places that offer an extra wow factor for the perfect sunset experience.

Sunset Dune

Every evening hundreds of people walk up this famous dune to get the perfect sunset picture. Look to your right at the top of the dune and you can take in the beauty of Jericoacoara village, a sight not possible to be seen from anywhere else. Once the setting sun disappears behind the sea, everyone gives the event a round of applause before heading back into Jeri village to start their evenings events.

Be warned, if it is a windy day, expect to get blasted by sand on the dune!


ClubVentos is a watersports centre, located to the right side of Jericoacoara beach. From the beach it looks like a luxury private hotel, however, everyone is welcome and it’s one of our best places to watch the sunset. The centre boasts beachfront sunbeds raised above beach level, so the view you get for sunset is spectacular.

Their happy hour just happens to be between 17:00 and 18:00, the perfect time to get a drink from their new bar, relax and watch the sunset in total comfort.

Pedra Furada

Pedra Furada, otherwise known as the rock with a hole in it, is not in Jericoacoara village but definitely worth visiting for sunset. The orange, glowing sky created by the sun setting offers great photo opportunities.

Hurricane Bar

If you want the party scene then the Hurricane rooftop bar gives you a different view for sunset, amongst the tree tops. Head up to the bar from around 5, grab a drink, watch the sunset then dance away until 20:00, which is when the bar closes. The Hurricane normally gets very lively


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