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What to expect

Due to the building restrictions and environmental protection laws, Jeri is growing in a positive way. Business owners, who are compliant and wish to match Jeri's beauty and simplicity, have been creating small, cozy pousadas, which offer charm and sophistication rather then immensity or extravagance.

Another reason that ables Jeri to maintain its unhurried and peaceful way of life is the exceptional journey one takes to get here. Because of Jeri's remote location, the last hour of the journey has to be done by vehicles with 4x4 traction along rugged dirt roads and then along the final sandy stretch of beach. It's a thrilling ride that adds beuty to the experience. It is still possible to watch the fishermen head out to sea in their traditional Jangada boats, just like they have done for so many years before and hopefully henceforth.

With streets paved with sand, life takes on a much slower pace. No traffic, no line ups, no honking, no stress. Sometimes that simplicity comes with a cost, at some point you might find out that the grocery store has run out of diet coke, forcing you to take a fresh juice instead, or while wandering back to your pousada you may have to share the road with a meandering mule or a cow, and evetually you might have to dine by candle light due to a brief power out. However, if you think can deal with these trifles; you're in for a treat. But beware, if you are anything like most of our visitors, be sure to book more days then you expect, since you'll surely want to extend your stay.