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What to bring

The main thing to remember is to bring a light pack.

As the weather in Jeri is warm and dry, people here are used to wear light clothes, as pair of shorts and (sometimes) a T-shirt.

To Bring: the usual beach wear along with something for dining and dancing in the evenings.

The most important items to bring: SPF 30+, sun hat, sun glasses and insect repellent.
There are a number of small supermarkets in town which sells all the basics. However, these items can have a higher cost and a lower quality, so it's better to bring them with you.

Suggested list of things to bring:
Bathing suits
Lycra top
Insect repellent
Flip flops or sandals
Long lightweight pants
Long-sleeve lightweight shirt
Sun hat
Extra batteries
Any personal prescriptions or medicine
Day pack
Moisturizing lotion
Small flashlight