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Jeri is full of things to do for the active and extreme as well as for those who wish to relax and recharge.

Dune buggy tours
This is the best way to get to know Jeri's surrounding area. The above are some of the most popular routes. You can easily book a buggy tour with us, we have tours to Blue and Paradise Lagoon, Tatajuba Lagoon, Barrinha, Mangue Seco - prices start from R$ 180.

Paddle through a mangrove landscape and explorer  hidden adventure just 20 minutes away from Jericoacoara Village. You will discover Mangue Seco from a different view. You can book this tour with us!

The fight was originally created in Brazil, by the slaves brought from Africa. Forbidden by Slave masters it was disguised as a dance, making it a graceful semi-balletic battle. Every sunset you can hear the distinct and rhythmic sound of the berimbau (a simple string instrument) which draws you towards white dressed figures moving with acrobatic grace and speed.
Lessons can be arranged with one of the Mestres or Capoeiristas. Lessons generally take place in the morning or later afternoon and are around R$ 25 for an hour. We can book it for you.

Jericoacoara is one of the best spots in the world for windsurfing and is THE best spot in Brazil. An excellent place to rent equipment or take a lesson is ClubVentos, which provides the most recent neilpryde, jp and starboard equipment. For more information
click here

Jeri is becoming more and more recognized as the newest hot spot for kitesurfing. There are many spots to practice, being the  closest one next to sunset dune, at the "kitebeach", which offers plenty of space and flatter water. Jeri kite Lounge at ClubVentos offers high quality IKO instruction and uses the latest Cabrinha equipment.

Sand boarding

Sand boarding is similar to snowboarding except that you can do it in shorts and bare feet.
Boards are similar to snow boards where you have footstraps to secure your feet in.
The best is to go on Sunset Dune.
Sand boards can be rented on main street for around R$15.00 / hour.

Surfing is a popular past time in Jeri. The best spot for smaller, gentler waves ideal for beginners and long boarders is in the bay in front of town. For bigger waves, more suitable for short board and more advanced surfers we recommend Malhada beach. The best time of year for surfing is between December and April when the waves get bigger and the wind is lighter.
ClubVentos Surf School offers surf lessons from R$ 85,00 to R$ 250,00 (courses) and surf board rental for around R$ 29,00 per hour.

SUP - Stand Up & Paddle
The swells hitting Jeri have meant that there have been many stand up paddleboarders enjoying nice long rides along the Jericoacoara bay as the sun sets and hundereds of people look on from the dune. ClubVentos offer SUP boards lessons and equipment rental.

Horseback Riding
Ideal for short distances and those who prefer a more primitive style. It is possible to rent a horse for around R$25,00 / hour and visit Pedra Furada (Arched Rock), the nearby hills, dry mangroves or simply gallop along the beach. A tip for those who have never ridden a horse; a guide can accompany you or even lead the horse by the reigns if you wish. Dont worry, the horses are well accustomed to the activity and are very calm.

Since the festivities usually start just after midnight, most people take a nap after dinner in order to dance until dawn. Simply wander to the bottom of Main Street where the action starts to pick up around midnight. From there you can start with a famous Caipirinha at one of the many drink stands that line the street, then you can hop from bar to bar, listen to live music at Samba Rock, Zchoop, or learn to dance Forro at one of the open air dance clubs.

Apart from the many options of trips, hikes, sports, nightlife, etc. Jericoacoara has a peaceful, laid-back atmosphere and tranquility for those who just want to relax, lie in a hammock and read a book, or sip a cold beer while gazing at the sea. Life's rhythm in Jeri is naturally slower than normal. No one's in a hurry to do anything, and it's contagious. If you come from a place where you're used to everything being done yesterday, you're in for a culture shock. In Jericoacoara everything is put off until tomorrow.

Take advantage of your laziness in the shade of a palm tree, or soak yourself in the warm, calm waters of the bay in Jeri. However, be careful with the sun, it's rays are very intense since Jeri sits almost on the Equator.. Always use sunblock. Wandering direction less about the village, talking with the fishermen, learning from them... after this experience, with your batteries recharged, you'll be ready to face your stressful job back home once again.