Blue Jeri

Blue Jeri - At a glance

Situated at walking distance from the shops and restaurants of the village, this lodge will surprise you for the singular combination between Brazilian colonial architecture and the traditional “local style” of Jericoacoara.
The 24 rooms are cozy, all facing a charming patio with a delightful garden, whose illumination creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, conferring an incredible tranquility and a general sense of harmony to all guests.

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Property amenities

  • Internet
  • Safe at reception
  • Swimming pool

Room description and amenities
Max. Occupancy / room 3 guests 3 guests
Air - conditioning yes yes
Mini - fridge yes yes
TV yes yes
Hot shower yes yes
Safe in  the room yes yes


Check-in time is 2 pm , check-out time is 12 am  

Children Policy

  • Children up to 8 years old - free
  • Children older than 8 years old – normal rate
  • Children staying in an additional room (separate from parents) pay as an adult.
  • If there is 2 children together with parents, one will be charged as an adult, meaning that a room with 2 adults + 2 children = 3 adults rate

Booking form

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